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Our Stake in the Ground

September 18, 2010

For our first blog post, we wanted to put a stake in the ground and talk about the foundation of our business: our values.

We believe that our values determine what kind of business we will operate, because they reflect the people we are, and what we feel is important.

Possibly, as a business consultancy specializing in sustainability, you might think that we should have listed this value first.  Our values don’t come in any ranking; we think they are all important.  They touch on two main areas:  how we think and act, and what we want to see happen.

We think and act with integrity.  We want to do business with people who show this quality, and we hope you do, too.  We are also eternally curious.  However, we don’t want to be introduced to your family ghosts unless you really want us to be, so that doesn’t mean we are terribly nosy.  Just curious about how we can best make sustainable solutions work for you.  We also like to work with people who play well with others, because we are very collaborative.  The best solutions involve a lot of input from various sources.

What we want is simple, but not always easy to achieve:  elegant solutions, sustainability and balance.  Elegant solutions may appear simple, but that usually means a lot of work has gone into their creation.  We are not afraid of hard work!  With hard work, we also want balance — so we can have rich lives inside and outside of our work (laugh lines and bottom lines!).  And, of course, our “raison d’etre”:  we want to work towards sustainability — for you, for us, for our communities.

We look forward to serving you.

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