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R&D: Upcycling

March 15, 2011

Yesterday, a client from Halifax was in town and she stopped in to talk sustainability strategy.  We — Meeting Change — had recently created a sustainability blueprint for her business, LimeLight Communications, and she wanted to talk carbon philanthropy strategy.  She also showed me a thought-child come to life from the strategy — a cell phone case made of up-cycled fabrics by a local company.  So instead of “made in China”, she now has “made-in-Halifax” from fabrics getting a second life.  I’ve shared the photo here, so anyone can “R&D” this idea…that is, “rob and duplicate”!

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  1. March 16, 2011 10:42 am

    This is great! At the GMIC conference last month, we met Looptworks (, an upcycler based in Portland, OR. Great to know that there’s a similar company in Canada, and on the eastern side of the continent.

    And I love the definition of R&D as “rob and duplicate”. In its proper context, of course…

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