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Gamification pecha kucha “lyrics”

November 6, 2011

Slide 1

The goal of conference gamification

Is creating learning magnification.

A second objective from my perspective

Is making attendee engagement effective.

The GMIC took a chance on this theory

(Admitting that some Directors were leery.)


Slide 2

Reeves and Read wrote the book Total Engagement

The concepts from which we thought were just brilliant.

Bringing games into work gives excitement and focus

An environment where fun and success are the locus.

The conference became an experimental canvas

To make it all work we gave it our damndest.


Slide 3

The design team used the rules of improvisation

Nothing too weird, too big or too brazen

The design team thus discovered firsthand

The incredible power of using “yes…and!”

The collaboration team dreamed up the first concepts

In edits and additions the collision team were adepts.


Slide 4

Ten concepts of gaming

(Reeves and Read are claiming)

Which we then freely annexed

Include leaders and feedback and narrative context.

Rank/reputation, teams and time pressure

We used all three just for good measure.

Marketplace, avatars, parallel communication

And competition then completes our relation.


Slide 5 (Leadership)

People play games to compete and explore

To socialize, achieve and keep score.

Leadership comes to those who perform well

Players with merit and skill then excel.

Unlike the “real world” we come to adore

The opportunity to give just a little bit more.


Slide 6 (Stories + Avatars)

Narrative context is the telling of stories

Giving us scope for our conference bound journeys.

Stories are human, complex and emotional

Coupled with roles they become truly vocational.

Defining their roles and the actions they take

Drama, excitement and memory awake.


Slide 7 (Feedback)

Psychology tells us that people crave feedback

To decide on our actions, forward or backtrack.

Authority feedback can make one resentful

Passive, aggressive or occasionally fretful.

In gaming, however, that feedback is valued

Our goal is now clearer, our energy renewed.

We see the change happen in front of our eyes

Behaviour adapts; new strategy’s devised.


Slide 8 (Rank)

Our rank in the game is hard to spoof

A number is shown as positive proof.

Games can enhance our good reputations

Ensuring in future good business relations.

Transparent and instant with relevant facts

Our rank is consistent with immediate acts.

Rank is a marker for those in the lead

To identify skills with immediate speed.


Slide 9 (Marketplace)

A marketplace lets us place value and trade

Items we desire or need to upgrade.

GMIC tried an approach most innovative

With sponsors and partners we became integrative.

Our stories were written with partners in mind

Specific feedback those sponsors would then find.

This approach was not fully successful

Perhaps in the future this might be more fruitful.


Slide 10 (Competition)

Competition engineers excitement and a goal

The winners need to use strategy and control.

Rules should be simple and allow reinforcement

To ensure that everyone gives their endorsement.

Rules help develop a sense of control

And ensure one team can’t use a loophole.


Slide 11(Teams)

Teams are the glue that hold it together

People are wired to be birds of a feather.

Survival depends on the connections we make

In business relations, there’s even more of a stake.

I win when you win and you win when I win

Engagement is something created within.


Slide 12

The team competition was fierce in Portland

Where Team Oak made the best use of broadband.

But Teams Hickory and Magnolia departed as winners

Leaving the others despairing, with whimpers.

Yet still sometimes I hear a quiet, brief whisper

Team Oak was the best! Arises on Twitter.


Slide 13

Teams provide instant networks of teammates

Vanquished are cliques you before had to infiltrate.

In meetings and events that can be quite a problem

Where loners and unknowns are just so much flotsam.

GMIC designed it so attendees became players

With a network of friends, they also were stayers.


Slide 14 (Parallel Communication)

Written and spoken and tied with an app

Parallel communication left no big gap.

Players could find what they needed to see

And get to the places they needed to be.

Communication options were many and fast

Private in nature or a public broadcast.


Slide 15 (Time)

Time pressure is something we are all of us under

A three-day conference leaves us no room to blunder.

Can we win, do you think?  Do we know enough things?

These questions time pressure brings under its wings.

In work and in life we may not have the time

To make things perfect, to make them ALL rhyme.


Slide 16

But we do what we can with what we’ve been given

Sessions and cases and curveballs unbidden.

We use what we know and thoughts in our headspace

Practicing skills that are valued in everyone’s workplace.

Collaboration, problem solving and even risk-taking

These skills are essential to leaders in the making.


Slide 17

The conference was not perfect, we don’t claim that it was;

It doesn’t solve all our problems, we don’t say that it does.

But it influenced the thinking of many who plan

Meetings and events and others who can.

We hope that you all learned a little from us

(Admittedly, we enjoyed all the fuss).


Slide 18

For those who like playing and serious fun

The conference will offer a similar run.

But for those who don’t like it or tend to run screaming

From teammates and Twitter and players a beaming

There will be other options in Montreal forming

Our design team is ready to do some brainstorming.


Slide 19

In fact if you come some things that you’ll find

Include optional gaming and teams not assigned.

Twitter and tweeting and other distractions

Will be reduced in the future to focus our actions.

But learning and gaming and sustainable meetings

All have a part in our Montreal greetings.

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  1. November 7, 2011 11:45 am

    Elizabeth is so wicked brillant and a rhyming genious too! This Pecha Kuch with lyrics is awesome. I look forward to hearing this session presentation live. Thanks for organizing an amazing conference and for this summation of the planning experience. Looking forward to an amazing 2012 event to build on from Game On! 2011.

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