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Elevator Pitch: Thought Juice from Concentrate

February 25, 2012

On the third morning of the (inaugural!) MBA Sustainability Bootcamp with The Natural Step (February 22 – 26, 2012, Calgary, AB) we were challenged to create an “elevator pitch” of no more than 30 seconds to describe The Natural Step to your boss.  This was to check to make sure we could synthesize all the elements of what we learned in Days 1 and 2 in a coherent way.  Mine was:

The Natural Step looks at sustainability from four basic scientific principles.  It is not judgmental, but works flexibly with each organization to meet their goals, using an “ABCD process” of awareness, baselines, a compelling vision and action.  It’s customized sustainability from a credible source using a targeted, proven process that helps organizations jump the creativity gap between where they are and where they want to go.

It got me thinking though…what is my 30-second elevator pitch on sustainability?  One of The Natural Step facilitators joked that around their office, they say,

If you want to learn about sustainability, you can’t take the elevator, you need to take the stairs!

But let’s face it…not everyone is willing to take the time to take the stairs.  So I will be working on my elevator pitch on sustainability.  This will force me to think about what sustainability means, some of the principles behind it, and what I envision as positive outcomes for society, and concentrate these BIG THOUGHTS into some very intense and powerful thought juice.

What about you?

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