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Meet Better: A New Book! Read an Excerpt on Sustainable Seafood

April 21, 2015

TitleThis past December, I had one of those great meeting moments – you know the kind that leaves you inspired and reminds you how face-to-face meetings really are amazing. I met with Nancy Zavada and Shawna McKinley (two amazingly talented women who are experts on sustainable events) and we wrote a book. In a weekend.

The three of us had been noticing that there was a need for an easy reference tool for planners who are interested in making their events more sustainable. So we gathered around a table, each equipped with our stack of index cards full of tips and shuffled them into categories. We had hoped to come up with 101 tips, but ended up with 167. The book details all of them, and also includes several infographics on specific topics. Here is one on sustainable seafood that was prepared by our phenomenal graphic designer, Erika Abrams.

TitleWant to learn more? Copies of the book are available for pre-order here. Use the coupon code “preorder” for a 20% discount. The books will be printed in time for World Environment Day in early June.

Check out Shawna and Nancy’s blogs for other unique infographics to help you Meet Better!

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